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Dear World

I started Leadership Praxis because I am curious about what makes leaders effective. Leadership is a tough job. I have led administrative departments, sales divisions, operations and congregations, international programs, and regional church planting efforts. The challenges are the same for leaders in any field of endeavor.

My curiosity led me back to school and in the process started a company that allowed me to encourage and coach leaders as a trusted advisor.  So why the word praxis in the name of the company? The word praxis signifies ethical action in a political context, or purposeful human conduct, or behavior guided by purposes, intentions, motives, morals, emotions, and values as well as the facts or science. Praxis implies a duality in action: (1) of consciousness and reflection and (2) of action and commitment. Praxis is far more than reflexive or mechanical response that so often characterize modern management theory - it is conscious, reflective, intentional action of the kind that characterizes highly effective leaders. 

The ideals of the word praxis capture the character of service that is so important to leadership. Serving others is the proper domain of leadership development.  Servant leaders use power, influence, and authority with awareness that avoids the traps of toxicity. 

  • I am married to Janice. We are celebrating 40 years together. We have raised a family.  Work/life balance? I understand those pressures as well. 
  • I have authored some great failures and successes. 
  • I love working with leaders.
  • I understand the pressures, challenges, opportunities, risks and motivations.
  • I wanted a coaching company that synthesized all my experience in leadership and life in a way that provided other leaders with a safe place to be transparent and gain clarity and focus.  

If you resonate with these things, give me call (909) 560-0583.

Let's talk about how I can serve you and your business.