Coaching helps leaders shift from fogginess to clarity and turn ideas into action. The certified leadership coaches and scholars at Leadership Praxis specialize in the study of leadership to support your strategic initiatives. We know that the role leadership has in building enduring great companies and organizations which is why we help you become a focused and confident leader.

What is coaching?

  • Coaching is an intentional and facilitated conversation.
  • Coaching encourages rigor in the way leaders organize thinking, visioning, planning and expectations.
  • Coaching challenges the limits of competence and learning horizons. 

Why does coaching work?

Coaching is Situationally Driven

Coaching works because it meets you in the here and now, it enters your situation with compassion and insight. It's collaboration between you and your coach. You already know what you want; we coach to accelerate the process of focusing and clarifying through robust, strong, passionate, eager and unbridled conversations.

Coaching Uncovers Self Imposed Barriers

Internal obstacles to leadership action are often more daunting than the external ones. What are your goals?  How do you benchmark growth and development? Do you protect yourself from risk by staying within a comfort zone? Have you lived your dream? 

Managing the risk of pain or failure in past experiences often results in risk avoidance that limits possibilities. Individuals often define themselves by their failures rather than their abilities. We help you define yourself by your dreams and strengths while embracing your weaknesses as learning points.

Coaching Creates an Authentic and Supportive Environment

We provide a safe and supportive environment in which it is safe to expose fear that hinders growth and development. A safe environment provides the impetus needed to push beyond self doubt and grow; to become what one aspires to. This is why we are so effective.

Coaching Bridges the Gap between Expectation and Performance

Identify and harness your motivation, giftedness and goals.  We help you access your specific and powerful skill set to leverage change and encourage personal and professional development.  As certified professional coaches we successfully help you bridge the gap between expectation and performance.  

What is the coaching process?

The Leadership Praxis coaching model helps clients engage perspective altering conversations by moving through five aspects; focus, review, inquiry, resourcing and action.


Establish a working relationship, define the agenda. Agree on how communication will occur, how problems will be addressed and how expectations are defined.

Goal: minimize defensive reasoning.


Explore priorities and action steps. Develop a bi-focal vision of improvement seeing both the short-term and long-term issues that must be addressed to gain momentum. 

Goal: signature action that incorporates your experience, organizational goals and life purpose.    


Explore the agenda. Identify the situation, relationships or problems behind the agenda. Define the frames of reference (structural, human resources, political and symbolic) that form or configure the issues presented in the agenda through assessments and/or questions.  

Goal: escape the psychic prison that limits possible actions.


Define the resources. Identify available resources and determine what outside resources must be engaged to provide for successful implementation.

Goal: Align resources synergistically.


Initiate measurable and achievable actions. Receive support and encouragement.

Goal: execute the plan and give and receive feedback that maximizes learning, assesses the metrics and reengages the implementation.

Develop Your Organization's Leaders Systematically

See how the Leadership Praxis coaching system can work to help you develop your organization's leadership team.  

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