A leader (or a team) is no more effective in operation than the level of awareness of the values that inform her or his assumptions and execution.  I know that clarity in the communication of values provides a means of assessing all decisions and actions. My values build on the mission of Leadership Praxis and excites the creativity present in diverse abilities and personalities with whom I work. My values focus actions to execute plans with discipline, consistency, and high impact.

I help clients develop this same focus. Why?

Because I know that if values are not consistently part of our conversation then focus remains only on numbers and misses the purpose of why those numbers are important.  Without a consistent focus on values employees focus on getting that next phone call or activity out of the way rather than furthering the mission of the organization.


Hope is maintaining confidence in the end of the story never doubting not only that one can prevail but also recognizes that experiences both good and bad are the defining events of life.  We never confuse hope that one will prevail in the end – which one cannot afford to lose – with optimism that simply refuses to see the reality of a situation.  Instead hope is the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of the current reality, whatever they might be in light of the end that informs an organizations true values and operational decisions.


Excellence is a commitment to carry each task, whether sales, client services, or operations to a complete and consistent end in a superior manner. The careful expenditure and investment of funds and personnel using the criteria of assignment, experience, skill, ability, giftedness as the grid for securing full success.  We achieve the biggest bang for the buck possible.  We recognize that our profit and resources are a stewardship for which we must give an account to clients, stockholders, our families, stakeholders and our peers.


Curiosity is an orientation that insists on interrogating reality to discover new connections, causes, effects and patterns.  It is a commitment to deliberately use every experience as a means to enlarging learning cognitively, emotively and experientially and to engender the same posture in other leaders through modeling, coaching, training and feedback.  Curiosity leads to the ability to adjust rapidly to changing environments and market pressures to assist our clients in addressing the problems that are in front of them now not yesterday and create proactive strategies to meet these challenges.


Integrity acts out a commitment and a behavior.  It is a commitment to do what we say and say what we do every time without fail.  It is a behavior that “comes out from behind oneself” abandoning the safety of confusion and dishonesty for the vitality and motivation of clarity.  This results in listening, being truly present in relationships and freely admitting the need for growth or correction when it becomes apparent.


Collaboration intentionally develops a synergy with people, their resources and their unique giftedness working together to create an organization in which the results are greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.  Collaboration is expressed internally in the promotion of this perspective in relationship to personnel recruitment, assignment and evaluation.  It is a gift-based approach that provides glue to relationships that transcends cultural and personal differences to pursue a life purpose and mission.


Passion is a commitment to enjoy life and work through the lens of personal integration and appreciation of the contributions and discoveries brought by others.  We love what we do and we love the results. We engender a business environment that is positive and energizing.  We have fun.